Castle and Cottage Signs

The first hot air balloon was built by the french...
In 1783, built and launched by the the Montgolfier brothers, Joseph and Ettienne.


Inspiration for this sign came from an antique hot air balloon ticket!
It measures a huge 24" wide by 31" tall...the background is
a creamy golden tan with cracking and chipping paint
reavealing dark wood underneath.
Five different hot air balloons hand painted
in faded red, blue, yellow and green...
with faded and worn ornate lettering....

'de Jour et de Nuit'...."from day and night"

'Le Ballon"..."the Balloon"

'entree .50 centimes'...."entry 50 cents"

'La rue de Montreuil Folie Titon Paris France'

Handrubbed with wax
for the sheen of a fine French antique!

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